East Lincoln Speedway

East Lincoln Derby Stock Rules


1.  Any fwd 3,4,5,6 cyl car


2.  Stock means stock!!


3.  Cars must have all plastic bumper covers removed. Interiors must be swept clean of glass and debris. May leave windshield all other glass        must be removed.


4.  Weld,chain or wire doors 2 spots per Seam 4x4 plates


5.  May have a seat bar behind drivers seat no bigger than 4 inch box or round tubing. May have a perimeter cage with one kicker going down at the drivers door 4 inch round or square material max.


6.  May have a piece of c channel flat plate or angle iron 60 inches long on the out side of the drivers door. May be welded or bolted.


7.  May move battery to passenger floorboard. Must have a cover over battery.


8.  May have 2 chain loops to hold hood down at front of the hood and on the deck lid.


9.  No bumper swaps what it came with is what you can run. DOT street tires only no mud grips, no tractor tires no forklift tires. Metric radials only!!! Pretty simple set of rules.. if it isn't covered here don't do it.