East Lincoln Speedway



First of all let us welcome you; race teams, drivers and fans to East Lincoln Speedway. We intend on bringing a level of professionalism to this sport that we can all be proud of. These general rules are issued to govern & conduct racing events for the 2020 racing season at East Lincoln Speedway. The intent of these rules is to ensure fair competition and consistency at each event. The Race Director and the General Manager will act upon any situation not specifically covered by these rules and his decision is final.




Our goal is to apply all rules firmly and equally. Officials reserve the right to modify/change or alter rules during the season to promote fairness and safety. Any changes will be posted on the website and at the track. Many calls made by Track Officials are judgment calls; these calls are

not subject to review or change after a race event. Please note that all judgment calls will be made by experienced racing officials. If a call does not go in your favor, please remember that it was and always will be an honest call. At no time is any competitor or team member allowed to

access the tower area or approach the Race Director during the races. Anything unforeseen will be handled accordingly. The General Manager can refuse the entry of any car, driver or spectator at any race, any time. Drivers and crew members will conduct themselves in a calm

and sportsman-like manner at all times. The driver and or car owner will be the spokesman & representative for their car in any and all matters. Any Driver and or Car owner under the legal age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian at all times.  Any driver or crew member that uses loud or abusive language towards any track official may be suspended, fined and/or may lose all winnings and/or may lose all points for the night's event. They may also be suspended from the next racing event(s). Penalty will be at Officials discretion. Enforcement as needed. Drivers and or car owners will be held responsible for all crew members and penalties may be applied to the driver if a crew member is involved (Penalty at Officials discretion). No disorderly conduct will be allowed at the payoff window. Any person other than Law Enforcement found with any weapon (CONCEALED OR OTHERWISE) on him/her or in his/her vehicle is subject to fine, loss of weapon and arrest. If any member of a driver’s team causes a disturbance or interferes with the viewing of the race in the grandstand area, then the driver of the team will be penalized.



All accidents/injuries must be reported on the night of the event and WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED ANY LATER THAN 24 HOURS AFTER THE EVENT. There is absolutely no coverage on privately owned vehicles in the pit area parking or outside the pits. There is no coverage on tools. THIS MEANS WHEN YOU ENTER THE RACE TRACK AREA YOU ENTER WITH CERTAIN RISKS!! All participants should inspect the racing and pit area before racing. If you see a potential danger, it should be called to the General Managers attention at once and you should not race.



Every driver and/or car owner must fill out a driver's information sheet, insurance release, and proper tax forms in full before competing in any event. The state and federal government requires that all money earned in excess of $600 be reported on a 1099 form. If you refuse to supply this information, you will not be able to race and will not be paid.




1. Points System will be as follows:


Position   Points

1              105

2                95

3                90

4                85

5                80

6                76

7                72

8                68

9                64

10              60

11              57

12              54

13              51

14              48

15              45

16              44

17              43

18              42

19              41

20              40

21              39

22              38

23              37

24              36

25              35

26              34

27              33

28              32

29              31

30              30


2. Any driver caught under the influence of any DRUGS or ALCOHOL will be disqualified from competition. Breathalyzer tests may be randomly administered to drivers. Refusal to take test will result in immediate suspension and any other action deemed appropriate by Officials. Management reserves the right to ban any violators.


3. There will be no Alcoholic beverages in the pit area during competition. There will be No Alcoholic Beverages allowed in the protest area. Violation of this policy may result in suspension.


4. Tech area is off limits to everyone except top (3) cars and (1) crew member from each car. Tech area consists of scales, concrete pad and 15 foot perimeter around these areas.


5. Driver must make an effort to take the green flag in the main event to receive money or points for the main event.


6. All prize money should be picked up at the payoff window and will be available after the end of the third feature race. ONLY driver will be allowed to pick up winnings and must bring a valid form of ID. If a driver is unable to pick up winnings, it will be held a maximum of one (1) week ONLY.

If money is not collected within one (1) week, it will result in forfeiture of winnings.(NO EXCEPTIONS) No arguing with official at pay window. All interaction at the pay window must be done in a calm & professional manner. Driver & team conduct at the pay window is subject to the same rules & penalties as listed above in paragraphs.


7. The speedway reserves the right to request a number change on your car to avoid duplication; or if the number cannot be clearly seen. Cars are scored from the grandstand, car numbers must appear on both sides of car at least 24" high and 4” wide. The number on the roof must be visible to the tower, reading from the passenger side. Color of numbers should be considered and painted so as to be clearly seen. Numbers must match and must be easy to read.


8. For safety reasons, NO one willl be allowed on the track unless asked by an official. If you

*/-enter onto the racing surface you are subject to disqualification and suspension.


9. Cars must be self starting. If you have to be pushed off, you are using your time limit and others. Cars will be pushed off according to time limits and the discretion of the Race Director. Any car having starter issues one week, must be repaired before they return.


10. Speed limit in the Pit Area is 5 MPH. Any unsafe driving in pit area will result in immediate disqualification & possible suspension.


11. All cars must pass safety inspection by track officials or they will not be allowed to race.


12. All cars must have wrecker hookups, Front & Rear. Tow chains MUST be approved by Tech Official

and meet the rule book standard.


13. Hot laps will be given one (1) time for each division. Any additional hot laps will be given only as necessary and at the discretion of track officials.


14. Any one driver may only compete in 2 main events per night.


15. If a driver is driving in more than one (1) division, it is his/her responsibility to be properly lined up, he/she will go to the rear of the field.


16. NO car can be driven in more than one event, with the exception of Powder Puff and Next Generation Series.


17. Any driver who exits his/her car while a race is under way, for reasons other than fire or driver safety, could possibly be disqualified and forfeit all money and points earned for that event. Drivers are required to stay with their cars until their car is removed from the track unless otherwise directed by a track official. Crew members are not allowed on track unless directed by an official, violations may cause driver to be disqualified and or suspended.


18. No one will be allowed to exit the track at the track entry chute at turn 4 unless directed to do so by a track official.


19. Raceceivers are mandatory for drivers in ALL divisions. Drivers are responsible to make sure Raceceivers are in proper working order. Drivers are subject to a random Raceceiver check at any point during the event.


20. Any driver that wins three consecutive feature events in one division will start the next race they attend at the rear of their feature. This excludes big money races or special events.


21. ALL drivers MUST attend drivers meeting. If driver is not in attendance he/she will start at the rear of the main event.


22. No one is allowed on the deck or tower at any time without proper pass.


23. If a car is involved in a crash and deemed to be unsafe by an Official, the car and driver may not continue to compete.


24. A driver may not use more than 1 pit stall per race car.


25. Reserved parking spots are $75, and are on a first come first serve basis. Parking adjustments may be made by management for larger races.


26. No passenger vehicles are allowed in the pits.


27. Upon entering pit area race car haulers MUST follow directions of Officials when parking in a pit stall.


28. Crossover gate will close immediately after race. Pits are open to the public ONLY thru the parking lot entrance after race.


29. Nothing offensive or proactive is allowed on race cars, anything violating this rule is subject to penalty.


30. Track Officials reserve the right to inspect the inside of any and all enclosed trucks or trailers entering the Speedway Property at any time.



1. Any driver jumping the start will be warned once. The second time they will be sent to the rear of the field. The third time a driver jumps the start, they will be black flagged and sent to the pits. When the signal for 1 lap to green comes out, ALL drivers MUST be at pace speed and in line when crossing the start/finish line. Any erratic movement or weaving side to side after receiving the one to go signal from the flagman will not be allowed. Any driver not obeying will be sent to the rear.


2. At start of race, once the pole position car gets the one lap to start signal from the flag stand, the race will be officially started. ANY CAR THAT ENTERS THE PIT AREA WILL GO TO THE REAR OF FIELD. The race will start double file on the front straight-away by the flagman at a smooth speed of 25-40 mph.


3. For double file starts off of Turn 4, the car on the inside sets the pace. It is the outside driver's responsibility to stay beside the inside car. Flagman starts the race.


4. Restarts – The race leader may restart the race between the cone in turn three and the cone in turn four. All drivers must stay nose to tail in line. Passing will not be allowed until after your car passes the cone at the exit of turn 4.


5. No stopping on the track to avoid getting lapped. This will result in a lost lap.


6. Overly aggressive driving will not be allowed. This includes drivers driving “over their head”, attempting to spin another car out to gain a position or bring out a caution, excessive blocking, body slamming, or any retaliatory driving. Any type of driving that violates the “spirit and intent” of competition at East Lincoln Speedway. Driver will be black-flagged and dealt with by Race Director. Penalties will be at the discretion of the Race Director and or General Manager.


7. Any car determined to be unsafe or causing three (3) cautions will be black flagged.


8. Yellow flags will be used in all classes.


9. Any car involved in a caution will go to the rear. If you spin to avoid, and don't hit anything (and we can clearly see it), you will get your spot back. On the initial start, driver causing caution will go to the rear! All other cars will remain in their original starting position.


10. Time limits will be used only when necessary, but will be strictly enforced.


11. The Race-Director and or General Manager has the final word on any track activities.



1. It is the responsibility of each driver to sign in and draw for starting order/qualifying upon arrival at the racetrack.


2. If a driver wants to start in rear, he must still sign in for his division.


3. If a driver elects not to start in the position he draws; he must go to the rear of his line; only the affected line will change.


4. Any driver change after heats or qualifying will result in car starting in rear of feature event.


5. The sign in cut off time is 5:30PM. Anyone signing in after 5:30PM will be considered late. If a driver is late to sign in he/she MUST come to the tower to sign in, pay draw fee and fill out paperwork if necessary, and will start at rear of heat race or main event. If a driver does not sign in he/she will not be given points/prize money for the night.



1. Two laps will be given for a flat tire ONLY, and only during the main event. Cars must be on lead lap. Track must be under yellow for car to get two laps. Driver must clearly signal flagman or track official while entering pits. Two laps will start counting when the pitting driver stops.


2. The race will end under the green flag, and you may race back to the checkered flag unless the race is brought under caution or is red flagged. If the race is red flagged or deemed unsafe for racing, as soon as track is cleared, the field will receive the green and white together for 1 final lap of racing.


3. In the event of a caution, scoring will go back to the last lap completed by the race leader plus the next two cars.


4. After the race is complete, if you get stuck in the mud, you cannot be assisted. In the event you must receive assistance, you will be disqualified. There is a two (2) minute time limit to get your car out of the mud unassisted.


5. The track will reserve the right to weigh any car after the race, (Main or Heat).


6. If the race has to be started single file after two (2) tries at double file starts, the cars will be lined up from the original starting line up, (1-2-3-4- 5-6 etc.) False starts (Jumps) or debris will not count towards 2 tries at double file start.


7. A car can run in only one heat race. You must run in the heat race you draw or start in the rear of the main event.


8. In case the race is canceled after the halfway point, that race will be officially complete.


9. When caution is out (lights or flag), all cars on racetrack must slow to pace speed & remain at pace speed until green flag comes back out. Any driver who drives at an unsafe speed under caution is subject to black flag or may not be allowed to race for remainder of race event. There is absolutely no hot lapping under yellow.


10. The top 3 finishers must go to the scales for weighing after each heat and the top 5 finishers after each main event. The winner of each main event must go directly to the scales for weigh in before going to Victory Lane.


11. Any cars that are 1 lap or more down, must line up behind lead lap cars.


12. The General Manager has the option to overturn any rule at any time in the event of competition.


13. Any driver or team member that enters another driver’s pit area with intent to confront the other driver or team is subject to suspension. Any team that provokes another team is subject to suspension.


14. The only officials that are authorized to disqualify a driver are the General Manager, the Race Director, or the Technical Director. Only the General Manager may hand down suspensions.


15. If a car fails to start at the beginning of a race then the line will move forward, not crisscross.


16. Two-way radios, cell phones or any source of communication that would connect a driver to any outside source is not allowed. The only form of communication that is allowed is a mandatory Raceceiver that is controlled by the Race Director.