East Lincoln Speedway




1. Weight -Any motor, 2350 pounds after race


2. All dimensions-see diagram.



1. Engine setback- 6" maximum, measured #1 spark plug to top center ball joint.


2. Rear of car may be open.


3. 76" maximum width on body. 1" tolerance.


4. 101" minimum wheel base.


5. 8" rear spoiler, 38" from ground to deck with a 1" tolerance measured at middle of car.


6. No part of body may extend beyond the plane established by the 76" width.


7. Rear bumper may not extend over ½ width of rear tire on each side. Ends must be capped and should be angled so as to not be a puncture danger in the event of a wreck. May be curved inside rear quarter panels at 90 degree angle.


8. Front push bars allowed, may not exceed width of front chassis rail.


9. Suspension- OPEN- ANY TYPE, see shock rules. No stacker springs allowed.


10. Front and rear wrecker pick ups are MANDATORY


11. No part of frame may be aluminum or titanium.


12. Jbars only allowed


13. No hydraulic or remotely adjustable 4 link bars allowed


14. Chassis to be tube type only. No factory “clips.”



Pro Shock WB74 or WB75 on front

Pro Shock WB94 or WB95 on rear

Pro Shock WB74 only for 5th

Shock claim rule is $100 per shock

No bump stops permitted

Only one shock per wheel and no phony shocks

Shocks will have factory applied tracking numbers applied

The shocks can be purchased at Fatbacks Race Parts, Heintz Performance Parts. and

SRI Dirt and Drag in Denver, NC.



1. Cubic inch- 365 cubic inch max. NO TOLERANCE.


2. Block- ANY CAST IRON.


3. Crankshaft– 48 lbs. minimum


4. Rods- Any Steel


5. Pistons– Any Flat top only


6. Camshaft-open


7. Heads– Cast iron (230 runner maximun) or Chevy 604 aluminum heads. Port and Polish OK.


8. Valves-stainless steel only, no titanium


9. Lube Systems– wet sump only


10. Intake- ANY


11. Exhaust System- ANY


12. Engine protest will be accepted on block, crank, cams, pistons, cubic inch, carb, and valves.



LS Engine 5.3 "The Mighty Mouse"

The 5.3 engine comes from factory at 325 cubic inch. We are allowing .60 over bore.

Maximum cubic inch is 335


Block: Cast iron 5.3 only


Heads: Factory GM casting numbers 706 and 862. Valve sizes intake 2.000. Exhaust valve 1.551 Maximum. Intake valve part numbers V3452 or V3466. Exhaust valve part number V4371. No porting or polishing of any kind to ports or combustion chamber. 58 cc minimum.


Rods: Must be factory stock rods only. Part numbers 143 or 3847. No lightning. You may balance new rod bolts, resize, and float the wrist pins. Stock length only.


Piston: Part number P5036 silvolite. You may zero deck the block, no tolerance.


Camshaft: Part number EL5.3LSX. This cam is a hydraulic roller lifer cam. Lifters Part number 2281. Must be stock hydraulic roller lifters only. The camshaft must be purchased from Concord Engines 704-273-2453 (Ask for Tony)


Crankshaft: Part number 216. This is a stock production crankshaft. No lightning or cutting. Balance ok.


Intake: Part number 300-132 Holly Intake. No porting or polishing of any kind.

MSD Ignition Box: Part number 6014


Carburetor: 4777 Holly 650

The motor mounts, coupler, headers and all the accessories will be available at Heintz Performance.


Engine Protest: Top end $300. Consists of heads, cubic inch, lifters and intake .

Complete motor protest- $900. This will consist of checking everything on motor, including all part numbers.

This engine will have a motor buy rule of $4000. It's $3500 for the engine, and $500 for the core. The will be the complete long block minus the accessories.  Fords and Chevy's can run a one stage pump, but cannot have a tank. Lines have to be short and close to motor. May have a remote filter in return line. If there is a tank mounted on your car, you will be DQ'ed! This is not a dry sump setup!



1. Fuel- gasoline ONLY. No performance additives allowed.


2. Carburetor– Box stock Holley 4777C. Choke flap may be removed. No 4 corner idle. Will be checked regularly and have a $500 claim rule. Jet changes allowed.


3. Fuel Pump- any mechanical, NO ELECTRIC.


4. Fuel cells MANDATORY (mounted in metal cans)



Any type may be used. No traction control allowed.



1. Clutch assembly- ANY


2. Flywheel- ANY must have scatter shield


3. Transmission- ANY, must have working reverse.


4. Drive shaft- ANY must have hangers


5. Rear End- ANY


6. Must have operational 4 wheel braking system. Proportioning and RF brake shut off

valve permitted.



American Racer PRO-2 ONLY 48. Tires must punch 48 or better when hot. Needling and siping are not allowed. Regroving is OK as long as same pattern is followed.  Tires must match the benchmark sample at the independent laboratory. No tire enhancers allowed. Steel or aluminum wheels only. No carbon fiber or titanium. As of now, Fatback Race Parts and Heintz in Concord are the authorized dealers for American Racer PRO-2.  Pro2 block pattern only on left rear.



1. Roll cage- MANDATORY-Must have minimum of three (3) bars in drivers door. No aluminum or titanium cages permitted.


2. Fuel cell- MANDATORY (mounted in metal can)


3. Seat belts-Five (5) point system- MANDATORY


4. Wind shield screen- MANDATORY


5. Fire extinguisher- with gauge, mounted in a quick release harness in reach of driver-MANDATORY


6. Battery-Must be mounted outside of drivers compartment or in enclosed bolted down metal box.


7. Fuel lines-must be under car or in tubing.


8. May run with or without roof. If running without roof, must run arm restraints.


Please see Safety Rules  for more information






Protesting driver puts up $150.00. Driver being protested puts up $50.00. The carb is taken apart by the track officials and completely checked for any and all modifications using the standard carb as a guide and precision measuring tools. If found legal, the carb owner is returned his $50.00 If found wrong, the track gets your $50.00, you are disqualified and loose all points and money for the evening. The protester gets their $150.00 back. If a carb is subject to a claim fee of $500.00, the owner of the carb accepts the protest, they put up $50.00. The carb will then be checked as above by track officials. If found legal, the owner gets their $50.00 plus $450.00 from the protester. The track keeps $50.00. If found illegal the carb owner looses their $50.00 all point and money for the night and is disqualified. The protester gets their $500.00 back



Included in a top end protest are the heads, valves, pistons, and cubic inch. See rules for what is legal.  To protest, the driver protesting puts up $400.00, and the driver under protest will put up 2020 LLM Rules | www.eastlincolnspeedway.net   /llm rules 4/4 $100.00 if they accept the protest. If you refuse the protest, all points and money are lost for the night. If the parts are legal, the owner gets the $100.00 back and $300.00 of the protest fee. The track keeps $100.00. All points and money for the night are lost.  If found illegal the track keeps your $100.00 and the protestor gets their $400.00 back.



Included in a bottom end protest are the rods, pistons, crankshaft, and cubic inch. See rule for what is legal.

A fee of $800.00 is taken from the protesting driver and if accepted a $100.00 fee from the driver being protested. If you refuse the protest, all points and money are lost for the night. If the bottom end is legal, the $100.00 fee is returned plus $700.00 from the protest money. The track keeps $100.00. If the bottom end is wrong, the track keeps $100.00 and the protesting driver gets the $800.00 back.



If any one refuses a protest or claim, the protesting driver will get all their money back, the track gets nothing, and the driver who refuses the protest is disqualified for the night.  Any and all money put up for a claim or protest will be given to the track official and can not be taken back. The protest or claim is considered in effect the moment the funds are given to the track official. Money will only be given back to those affected by the protest or claim after an official determination is made. No exceptions.