East Lincoln Speedway

Pit Rules



1. Lincoln County Sheriff"s department is in complete control. If you get out of line, you will be escorted out.


2. No foul or abusive language toward any track official! This will result in suspension.


3. No Children unattended in pits. Any Child unattended by a parent will be escorted to the grandstands and not allowed to enter the pits again.


4. Do not go into anyone else’s pits and cause trouble.


5. Race track scales are final. Check your weights before race.


6. No speeding in pits.


7. No glass bottles in pits.


8. Do not leave old tires at the track.


9. Parking spots are purchased at the beginning of the season. We will not hold spots past 7:00pm


10. No fighting or threatening. (What happens on the race track, stays on the race track- it is between the two drivers only!)


11. Courtesy laps will be given to flat tires ONLY. You will receive two laps.


12. Raceceivers are mandatory. We can provide a radio check if necessary.


13. At all times on the track, you must wear raceceivers, fire suits, gloves, and race shoes. Approved helmet and safety check will be performed on all cars prior to racing.


14. Track or staff bashing will not be tolerated.