East Lincoln Speedway

Southern Sportsman Rules



Any stock type frame, metric, unibody or strut type frames such as camaro or mustang. Minimum

wheelbase- 100 inches. This allows pony cars to race.  Clip cars- Tube Chassis is stock snout. Multi-leafs only. One shock per wheel Body rules: Same as renegade spec. Stock appearing, except the following: The back of the car may be open with a 10' rear spoiler, and side wing. Spoiler can not exceed outside of quarter panels. Left rear side spoiler can go from driver opening, no higher than the roof line to 8 inches behind rear deck.



Must be stock steering for the type of car you are running.  Metric and unibodys must have stock steering box and drag link. Cars that came with factory rack and pinion can run stock type rack and pinion.  May run Swedge tube tie rods.

Spring buckets can be altered and upper A frame mounts may be changed. One spring per wheel.  You may run tubular upper A frames.  Bottom A Frames must be stock and in stock location

Stock snout cars must have stock bottom A Frame and in stock location, and have inboard shocks.

No screw jacks. May run adjuster cups.

Stock snout cars- multi-leaf springs only. Rear of leaf spring cannot be more than 1 ½ wider than front per side. No adjustable lowering blocks. Solid lowering blocks only. You may run sliders or shackles on rear of leaf spring. You may have screw jacks on front of leaf spring. No floating devices.


Rear trailing arms must be stock length on bottom and in stock location. Must be in original bolt hole

on outside of frame. All other holes must be welded so that there is no adjustment.


Top rear trailing must be stock location, but may be shortened for pinion angle.

Strut Camaro Stock- Torque arm must be OEM stock. No after market or fabricated. Must mount on left side of drive shaft. May mount rear of torque arm to rearend, but stay close to hogs head center of pinion to center of rear mounting bolts. No more than 9 inches. Front of arm may mount to stock floor, or to the chassis, but must use stock replacement bushing or may be solid mount.


Motor Setback Rule:

Motor setback will be to the number 1 spark plug, even with the upper ball joint.

Adjuster cups OK.

You may run screw jacks on rear.

Rear end: 9 inch floater OK

No wide 5 hubs


Wheels: Any 8 inch steel


Tires: American Racer only- 8 inch medium or hard.


Shocks: May run racing shocks on the rear. Heims end ok. Must be steel body shocks on rear. One

shock per wheel. No shock on top of rear end. Example 9010 Weight: Determined by motor you are running. Weight and engine number you are running, must be posted on car. Minimum of 3 inches.


Block: Cast iron only


Heads: Cast iron only, except for 604- must be GM performance 604 heads.

Oiling System: wet sump only


Intake: Any


Transmission: Any


Clutch, flywheel: Any


Engine Types:

Engine #1

Any stock production head. Maximum 365 cubic inch. May run any carb.

Weight- 3000lbs Cubic inch protest only


Engine #2

604 performance aluminum head. Maximum 365 cubic inch. May run any carb

Weight- 3000lbs

Cubic inch protest only


Engine #3

Any after market cast iron head. Any cubic inch. 4777 carb

Weight- 3200lbs with a hard right rear tire.

No motor protests


Engine #4

LS Engine 5.3 "The Mighty Mouse"

The 5.3 engine comes from factory at 325 cubic inch. We are allowing .60 over bore. Maximum cubic

inch is 335


Block: Cast iron 5.3 only


Heads: Factory GM casting numbers 706 and 862. Valve sizes intake 2.000. Exhaust valve 1.551

Maximum. Intake valve part numbers V3452 or V3466. Exhaust valve part number V4371. No porting or polishing of any kind to ports or combustion chamber. 58 cc minimum.


Rods: Must be factory stock rods only. Part numbers 143 or 3847. No lightning. You may balance new rod bolts, resize, and float the wrist pins. Stock length only.


Piston: Part number P5036 silvolite. You may zero deck the block, no tolerance.

Camshaft: Part number EL5.3LSX. This cam is a hydraulic roller lifer cam. Lifters Part number 2281.

Must be stock hydraulic roller lifters only. The camshaft must be purchased from Concord Engines

704-273-2453 (Ask for Tony)


Crankshaft: Part number 216. This is a stock production crankshaft. No lightning or cutting. Balance

ok. Intake: Part number 300-132 Holly Intake. No porting or polishing of any kind.

MSD Ignition Box: Part number 6014


Carburetor: Any

Weight: 3000lbs


The motor mounts, coupler, headers and all the accessories will be available at Heintz Performance.

Engine Protest: Top end $300. Consists of heads, cubic inch, lifters and intake . Complete motor

protest- $900. This will consist of checking everything on motor, including all part numbers.

This engine will have a motor buy rule of $4000. It's $3500 for the engine, and $500 for the core. The

will be the complete long block minus the accessories.